He Who Has Seen Me Has Seen The Father

The Last Supper Discourses are filled with profound teachings from Jesus, offering comfort and guidance to his disciples. In Chapter 14 of the Gospel of John, Jesus assures his followers that they should not be troubled, for they have faith in God and should also have faith in him. He speaks of the Father’s house, which has many dwelling places, and reveals that he is going to prepare a place for them. Jesus promises to come back and take them to himself so that they may be with him.

Thomas, one of the disciples, expresses his confusion about not knowing where Jesus is going and how they can know the way. Jesus responds by saying, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” He explains that knowing him is equivalent to knowing the Father. Jesus emphasizes their unity and connection, stating that whoever has seen him has seen the Father. He questions Philip’s request to see the Father, reminding him that he has been with them for a long time and that seeing Jesus is equivalent to seeing the Father.

Jesus further emphasizes his unity with the Father, declaring that he is in the Father and the Father is in him. He highlights the works he does as evidence of his unity with the Father. Jesus assures his disciples that those who believe in him will do the works he has done and even greater ones, as he is going to the Father. He promises that whatever they ask in his name, he will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

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Jesus introduces the role of the Advocate, who will come after him. This Advocate, the Spirit of truth, will be with his disciples always. The world cannot accept or know this Spirit, but the disciples know it because it remains with them and will be in them. Jesus promises not to leave them as orphans but to come to them. He explains that though the world may no longer see him, the disciples will see him because he lives and they will live. On that day, they will realize their unity with him and the Father. Jesus emphasizes the importance of observing his commandments as an expression of love for him. Those who love him will be loved by the Father, and Jesus will reveal himself to them.

Judas, not the Iscariot, questions why Jesus will reveal himself to them and not to the world. Jesus clarifies that those who love him will keep his word, and he and the Father will come and make their dwelling with them. He contrasts this with those who do not love him, stating that they do not keep his words. The words he speaks are not his own but come from the Father who sent him.

Jesus reminds them that he has spoken these things while he is still with them. He reassures them that the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in his name, will teach them everything and remind them of all that he has told them. Jesus leaves them with his peace, a peace that is not like the peace of the world. He urges them not to let their hearts be troubled or afraid.

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Jesus concludes by reminding them that he is going away but will come back to them. He tells them that if they truly loved him, they would rejoice at his return to the Father, for the Father is greater than him. Jesus wants them to believe and be prepared for what is to come, as he will no longer speak much with them because the ruler of the world is coming. However, the world must know that he loves the Father and faithfully carries out the Father’s commands.

In this chapter, Jesus reveals his unity with the Father, emphasizing that whoever has seen him has seen the Father. He assures his disciples that they will not be left alone, as the Advocate, the Spirit of truth, will be with them always. Jesus leaves his disciples with the promise of peace and the expectation of his return. Through his teachings, Jesus provides comfort, guidance, and a profound understanding of the relationship between him, the Father, and his followers.

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