Thoughtful Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to think about finding the perfect gift for that special woman in your life who seems to have everything and wants nothing. We all know someone like that, right? Whether it’s your mom, your significant other, or a close friend, finding a gift that will truly make them smile can be a challenge. But worry not, we’ve got you covered with this list of super thoughtful gifts that are sure to bring joy to even the most content woman.

21 Best Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

  1. For a Special Anniversary: Reasons I Love You Puzzle

Imagine giving your significant other this one-of-a-kind romantic puzzle. Watch as her eyes light up with memories as she reads through sweet reminders of your relationship. Even for the woman who says she wants nothing, this excellent choice is sure to bring joy. This best-selling item has a 5-star rating on Etsy and thousands of reviews. It can be personalized to highlight what you love most about her, and also includes the date of a special occasion for a personal touch. This puzzle set comes in a rustic wooden box.

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Reasons I Love You Puzzle

  1. For the Snuggly One: Hygge Comfort Box

If you have a friend or family member going through a difficult time, this Hygge Comfort box is the ideal gift. It contains items like a cozy blanket, snuggly socks, a candle, tasty snacks, and so much more. It’s a comforting reminder that they are cared for deeply. Consider adding the gift of spending quality time together to make it extra special.

Hygge Comfort Box

  1. For a Sweetheart: No-Maintenance Premium Roses

Giving flowers is a timeless gesture that brings a smile to any woman’s face. But what if you could give her a beautiful bouquet that requires no maintenance at all? Enter Premium Roses! These special blooms have been treated to stay fresh for up to a year. No watering or care needed! It’s a perfect gift for a classic lady.

Premium Roses

  1. For the Wine Lover: Le Chateau Wine Decanter

If she’s a wine lover, this luxurious wine decanter might just be the perfect gift for the woman who wants nothing. Made with exquisite quality crystal, this decanter will aerate her favorite red wines to perfection. It’s a great addition to any wine-themed home, kitchen, cellar, or bar. Spoil and indulge her with this amazing gift.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

  1. For Grandma: Willow Tree “Grandmother”

Willow Tree figures have become a favorite among collectors worldwide, and this beautiful piece is a perfect gift for your beloved grandmother. It will remind her of the special bond she built with you from infancy or the bond she now has with her own grandchildren. Artist Susan Lordi sculpted the original Willow Tree Grandmother. This replica is cast from the original figure and is hand-painted. It stands 5″ tall and comes with an enclosure card.

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Willow Tree "Grandmother"

  1. For a Relative: Birth Flower Ring

This beautiful, handcrafted birth flower ring is the ideal gift for the woman who says she wants nothing but secretly desires something very special. Give it to your mother, grandmother, sister, friend, or any other woman who seems to have it all. You can customize the ring by adding up to four flowers and inscribing the back if you want. The types of flowers and finish can also be customized. It’s a keepsake that can be given for Christmas, birthdays, retirements, or just because.

Birth Flower Ring

  1. For the Friends Fan: Central Perk Candle Mug

If you have a best friend who loves the classic sitcom “Friends,” this candle mug is the perfect gift. The signature “Central Perk” design from the show makes it a delightful and nostalgic present. Once the candle is gone, she can continue using the mug for her favorite coffee or tea.

Central Perk Candle Mug

  1. For a Special Someone: Custom Tumbler

Looking for a gift that your special lady will actually use? Look no further than our gorgeous Polar Camel tumbler! Choose from various designs, including the popular “Best {__} Ever” design, or customize it with any design, theme, or logo you like. Thermal insulated and made of stainless steel, this tumbler is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

Custom Tumbler

  1. For the Vegan: Layla’s Delicacies Mediterranean Treats

For a thoughtful and tasty gift that’s also good for the body, consider this box of vegan Mediterranean treats. Crafted by artisan bakers and certified vegan, these goodies from Layla’s Delicacies are a delicious and unique idea, especially if material things aren’t her cup of tea.

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Layla's Delicacies Mediterranean Treats

  1. For Mom: Engraved Wooden Portrait

This little gem is a truly thoughtful gift for your mom who wants nothing. It’s a keepsake portrait for her to cherish and proudly display. The artists will take a picture of your choice and create a high-quality, one-of-a-kind wooden engraving. You can even have it inscribed with a special message below to make it extra special.

Engraved Wooden Portrait

  1. For the Cinema Freak: Custom Mini VHS Keychain

If your friend is a movie lover, these mini VHS movie keychains are a perfect gift. Choose one of her all-time favorite movies, and she’ll be absolutely thrilled. Treat yourself to one as well, because they’re such fun and affordable gifts.

Custom Mini VHS Keychain

  1. For a Sister: Soul Sister Candle

If your sister claims she doesn’t want anything but loves candles, this adorable “soul sister” candle is one of the best gift ideas for her. Celebrate your special bond with a candle scented like “deep conversation, clean laundry, and tea with lemon.”

Soul Sister Candle

  1. For the Nature Lover: Custom Engraved Bird Feeder

Custom-engraved with any name, text, theme, or design, this bird feeder is a fantastic gift for any special woman in your life. Made of strong cedar wood, it’s built to withstand the outdoor elements for many years. Give it to your mom, grandmother, sister, or best friend who loves nature.

Custom Engraved Bird Feeder

  1. For the Cat Mom: Purrfect Day Sweatshirt

If she’s a proud cat mom, this cozy, retro-style sweatshirt is purrfect for her. Show off her pet preference in style and make her smile every day.

Purrfect Day Sweatshirt

  1. For the Dog Mom: Custom Dog Ear Art

For the ultimate dog mom gift, nothing beats this custom puppy ear art. Each wooden silhouette is handcrafted to represent her beloved pooch. It’s a cherished keepsake that will bring joy to her heart.

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Custom Dog Ear Art

  1. For the Wanderlust: Tinggly Adventure

If you know someone whose middle name is “Wanderlust,” give her the gift of a lifetime with an adventure package from Tinggly. With countless options in destinations around the world, she’ll be overwhelmed with excitement. It’s a truly unique and unforgettable gift.

Tinggly Adventure

  1. For the Hostess: Red Wine Charcuterie Gift Basket

For the hostess with the mostest, this exceptional gift basket is a must. It features a selection of Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet and accompanying delicacies to tantalize her taste buds. This gift comes in a beautiful box for easy and elegant presentation.

Red Wine Charcuterie Gift Basket

  1. For the Book Lover: Wooden Book Nook Valet

Book lovers will adore this wooden book valet that holds their place in their current read, along with their reading glasses and favorite beverage. It’s a practical and thoughtful gift that any bookworm will appreciate.

Wooden Book Nook Valet

  1. For the Green Thumb: Lavender Grow Kit

If she has a green thumb or dreams of having one, this lavender grow kit is the perfect gift. Easy and hassle-free, it allows her to enjoy fresh lavender for cooking, drying, making sachets, or decoration. Indoor plants make the best gifts.

Lavender Grow Kit

  1. For the Teacher: Teacher Life Cups

Teachers never miss out on their coffee or favorite beverages. These cute and environmentally friendly teacher cups are perfect for serving up their daily dose of caffeine. The wooden lids fit tight, and the glass straws eliminate waste.

Teacher Life Cups

  1. For the Artist: Travel Watercolor Kit

Help her unleash her creativity and relieve stress with this travel watercolor set. Whether she’s a professional artist or simply loves painting for relaxation, this set is perfect. Art has a unique way of soothing the soul, and she’ll cherish this gift.

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Travel Watercolor Kit


Finding the perfect gift for the woman who wants nothing may seem challenging, but with our curated list, you’re sure to find something that will make her smile. Show your love and appreciation with a thoughtful and unique gift that she’ll treasure. For more great gift ideas, check out our site, 5 WS, where you’ll find a wide range of customizable recommendations.

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Happy gifting!

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