Only When They Need You: Unveiling the Truth Behind One-Sided Friendships

Friendships are an essential part of our lives. We cherish those who are there for us when we need them the most. However, the sad reality is that not everyone will drop everything and come to our aid in times of trouble. One-sided friendships exist everywhere, and it’s important to recognize them. Let’s explore some thought-provoking “only when they need you quotes” to shed light on this widespread phenomenon.

only when they need you quotes
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Differentiating Between Real Friends and Fake Ones

How can we distinguish between a true friend and a fake one? It’s not always easy, especially when we share good memories and enjoy their company. The true nature of people often reveals itself when we ask for their support.

To gain insight into dealing with these one-sided relationships, let’s delve into some “they only remember you when they need you quotes”.

Friends Who Only Remember You When They Need Something

A true friend will never wait for you to ask for help; they instinctively know when you need them. On the other hand, friends who keep a distance when you need them the most should be questioned.

  • “I learned early in life that it’s not about who is real to your face; it’s about what they do when you need their help.”
  • “When I was down, I started losing friends. Real-life lessons.”
  • “Count yourself lucky if your friends come through for you all the time.”
  • “I want friends who will be by my side, not just those available during partying.”
  • “Lose your fame and success and find out who your real friends are.”
  • “One of the hardest life lessons is letting go. So I’ve released a lot of fake friends.”
  • “Most things disappoint until you look deeper. So look deeper into your friendships.”
  • “Whoever said ‘lovers have a right to betray your friends don’t’ had foreseen my future.”
  • “Betrayal is universal for people with no principles. Therefore, I pray no one goes through what I went through.”
  • “I only ask for reciprocity in friendships, nothing more.”
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only when they need you quotes
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  • “It su*ks when you love unconditionally, only to learn that those who mattered most don’t value your love.”
  • “I’m not crying because of you; you’re not worth it. You no longer matter in my life.”
  • “Keep your circle small. Some people are parasites.”
  • “People can disappoint you, or they can surprise you. It’s life, and you’ve got to accept it.”
  • “The realities of life are complex. But, you have to learn to live with the disappointments.”
  • “Of friends who come to you for help only to stab you in the back. Stay away from those.”
  • “I do not need a large group of friends. I only need a few who love and care about me.”
  • “I have been abandoned by those I needed most. Su*ks big time.”
  • “Be careful who you trust; the devil was once an angel.”
  • “The demise of a friendship is equal to losing a limb. Some friendships are, however, not worth it.”
  • “I have given my all till my heart can’t give any more.”
  • “Forgiving someone does not always equate to a healed relationship.”

The Best Only When They Need You Quotes

Having numerous friends who only stick around because they benefit from your friendship is pointless. If you suspect some of your friends are fake, find a way to assess their true intentions and distance yourself from those who are not genuine. Here are some empowering quotes to share with fake people:

  • “It is not easy to let go, but it is even more painful to continue holding on.”
  • “Many people suffer from a deep sense of betrayal at least once in their lifetime. I am studying that feeling at the moment.”
  • “Friends who always want to receive but rarely give are not the best.”
  • “Like Sir Bayle Roche said, disappointment is the nurse of wisdom.”
  • “Helping without receiving any help back can be draining.”
  • “Friends need to learn that friendship is an art. Give as much as you receive.”
  • “It takes years to build trust, friendship, and great relationships. However, it only takes seconds to destroy them.”
  • “Closed eyes, a heart not beating, but a living love is all I ask from my friends.”
  • “Sometimes we create our heartbreaks through expectations in bogus friendships.”
  • “I want my friends to know that assuming is the root of all disappointments.”
  • “A special friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget.”
  • “Don’t be the friend that doesn’t know how to give back. Help whenever you can.”
  • “Friends who disappear on you when you need them are not real friends.”
  • “Shun friendships that drain your energy. Remember, you are not a charity organization.”
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only when they need you quotes
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  • “Sometimes it’s not the people who change. It’s the mask that falls off.”
  • “I’m losing friends because people are catching feelings I’m not catching.”
  • “People constantly change, and sometimes friends become strangers. The worst thing is that you will forever stay in denial.”
  • “I despise people who call themselves friends yet never display any acts of friendship.”

Relatable “People Use You” Quotes

Unfortunately, some individuals enjoy exploiting others. Friends and even family members may use people for their time, resources, or positions they hold. Avoid falling into the trap of such individuals by minimizing your interactions and sharing relevant quotes online. Safeguard your peace and reduce contact with those who take advantage of your kindness.

  • “Please stay away from me if you are the kind of friend who hangs out with me only when you need me.”
  • “Act like you’re broke for a while and see how the so-called friends scatter into oblivion.”
  • “I always thought you and I would be eternal friends. Shockingly, forever is getting shorter than I thought.”
  • “I know for sure that we don’t communicate, but my hope is for one of us to express how important our friendship was.”
  • “Sweet is the memory of distant friends! I ask for your help, but you are nowhere to be seen.”
  • “It’s incredible how fast someone’s mood can change, how deeply the soul can sink, and how one person can immensely affect you.”

only when they need you quotes
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  • “The most challenging thing about fake friendships is that they often come from the people you consider family.”
  • “That friendship will not continue to the end, which is begun for an end.”
  • “Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you; fear the fake friend that hugs you.”
  • “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”
  • “It hurts more when those you consider family don’t come through for you when you need them.”
  • “A friend who shuns you during a crisis but is the first to ask for your help when in need is a fake.”
  • “There is nothing like a one-sided friendship. Everyone should help each other.”
  • “The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.”
  • “The worst thing about being lied to by a friend is knowing you weren’t worth the truth.”
  • “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”
  • “It will cost you $0 to be decent to your friends when they ask for assistance.”
  • “Value friendships that you can rely on when in distress.”
  • “After being disappointed so many times, you lose hope in everything.”
  • “We must accept infinite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”
  • “Of friends who only get close when they need something from you. Friendly pests.”
  • “It is such a horrible sight when you are desperate but have no friend to turn to.”
  • “We’re not friends, we’re not enemies, we’re just strangers with some memories, and it’s not my fault.”
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Always be cautious about whom you befriend. Keep your third eye open and treat everyone as they treat you to avoid being manipulated. Stay away from friends who only remember you when they need you, and feel free to share the message of “only when they need you quotes” about friendship. Trust your gut when it comes to who you consider a true friend.


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