Does Losing Weight Change Your Shoe Size?

Video does your shoe size change when you lose weight

Life can get hectic, and sometimes we find ourselves carrying a few extra pounds. It’s totally normal, as the demands of work, family, and friends often leave little time for self-care. But if you’ve decided to shed those extra pounds through diet and exercise, you might be surprised to find that weight loss can affect more than just your waistline. You might wonder: does your shoe size change when you lose weight? The answer is yes, but the reasons might surprise you.

Excess Weight and Foot Impact

While a couple of extra pounds may not have a significant impact on your body, carrying excess weight can affect your feet. For those who are overweight or obese, the extra weight can strain the feet and hinder their ability to function properly. Structural problems like heel pain or arthritis can arise due to the added pressure.

The excess weight stretches the connective tissues in our feet and puts extra strain on our foot muscles. It also wears down the natural fat pads that cushion our feet and absorb shock during movement or extended periods of standing.

The Benefits of Weight Loss

Weight loss not only improves your overall health, but it can also relieve the impact of excess weight on your feet. If you’ve experienced foot pain, swelling, or poor circulation, losing weight may alleviate these issues. Extra weight can cause pain and compromise the strength and health of your feet.

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Depending on the amount of weight lost, you may notice that your shoes feel looser. While the structure of your foot remains the same, weight loss can lead to the reduction of fat and inflammation in your feet. Excess fat and inflammation contribute to an increase in foot size.

Exercise and Foot Pain

If foot pain is hindering your weight loss journey, finding the right exercise can be challenging. Certain forms of exercise can exacerbate foot pain, making it difficult to stay motivated and increasing the risk of further injury. To stay on track without straining your feet, consider the following tips:


Low-impact exercises are ideal for those with foot pain. Explore options like water aerobics, swimming, yoga, and walking. Consult with your podiatrist or medical provider to ensure these activities are suitable for you.


If walking is comfortable for you, aim for 10,000 steps a day. Increasing your movement, even without intense exercise, can help burn calories and shed extra weight.


While exercise plays a role in weight loss, nutrition is key. Monitoring your food intake and ensuring a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy carbohydrates can make a significant difference. Reduce your consumption of fats, processed foods, and excessive sugar.

Foot or Ankle Pain

If you’re experiencing foot or ankle pain and can’t find relief, it may be time to consult a specialist. When extra weight is causing foot pain, a specialist can help you recover without further injury.

Even after losing weight, persistent foot pain may indicate an underlying issue that requires diagnosis and treatment. If you experience any of the following symptoms in your lower leg, ankle, or foot, it’s crucial to make an appointment with a specialist:

  • Pain lasting more than 3-4 days, making regular movement difficult
  • Persistent swelling that doesn’t improve with home treatments like icing, resting, or elevation
  • Redness, warmth, tenderness, or a burning sensation
  • Numbness or tingling
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