Does Luca Really Know Who Gemma’s Dad Is?

Love Island fans are abuzz with speculation about Luca Bish and his motives for pursuing Gemma Owen. Some believe that Luca’s interest in Gemma may be driven by a surprising revelation – that Gemma is the daughter of footballer Michael Owen. This news came to light when recently dumped islander Ikenna Ekwonna spilled the beans on Aftersun, revealing that the boys in the villa had discovered Gemma’s famous parentage on the third day.

The revelation has led many viewers to question Luca’s intentions. Could he have an ulterior motive for coupling up with Gemma? Some fans are convinced, with one exclaiming, “I knew it, Luca knows who Gemma’s dad is, that’s why he’s so obsessed.” Others have also noticed the suspicious timing, suggesting that Luca’s interest in Gemma coincided with the boys’ discovery of her father’s identity. One viewer wrote, “So the boys/everyone found out who Gemma’s dad is and just so happened to be the day Luca became interested in Gemma.”

The news has undoubtedly changed the dynamics between Gemma and Luca for many fans. Gemma’s famous father, who has played for renowned clubs such as Liverpool and Real Madrid, as well as the England national team, adds an intriguing layer to their relationship. However, Gemma herself has yet to address her father’s fame on screen, leaving viewers to wonder if her co-stars are aware of the secret. Departing Islander Liam Llewellyn recently expressed his surprise, admitting that he “can’t believe” he hadn’t figured it out earlier.

It’s worth noting that earlier in the series, some viewers playfully mocked the Love Island cast, often referred to as Gen Z, for their apparent lack of familiarity with Michael Owen. Many contestants are in their early twenties, which means that their early teens coincided with the latter stages of Owen’s career when he was frequently benched. Twitter users highlighted this generational gap, with one user humorously stating, “How can they not know who Michael Owen is? Aren’t these lot too young to know who he is anyway? He was definitely a star for millennials, not so much Gen Z.”

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Gemma herself seemed eager for her fellow Islanders to discover her connection to her famous father. She dropped several hints about her surname and even subtly referenced her link to football during conversations. However, her efforts went unnoticed, leaving fans amused by her persistent attempts to reveal her father’s identity.

As the Love Island drama unfolds, fans are eagerly awaiting Gemma’s decision to share her family secret with the rest of the villa. Will Luca’s true intentions be revealed? Will Gemma finally address her father’s fame? Only time will tell.

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