The Final Showdown Begins: Battling Gorn’s Forces

Gorn’s Allies Regroup and Prepare for Vandalieu’s Next Attack

The Boulder Colossus Gorn and his allies were relieved after surviving the fierce battle against Vandalieu and his forces. They believed they had bought themselves some time before the next attack. However, they knew they needed to improve their strategy as Vandalieu had seen through their use of sound commands on the battlefield.

Reinforcements were desperately needed, but Alda had informed Gorn that significant support was unlikely. Gorn’s forces had suffered major losses with the death of the God of War, Sirius, and the Bronze Colossus, Lubug. To make matters worse, the monsters they possessed were not able to replace them adequately.

Nevertheless, Gorn remained hopeful that their forces could recover and replenish with time. The gods of Alda’s forces had several important locations to defend, including Alda’s Dungeon of Trials, the Demon King Continent, and the Churches located in the Amid Empire and Orbaume Kingdom. Additionally, there were Devil’s Nests and high-difficulty Dungeons that were not a priority for now.

However, their hope was shattered when a fleet of ten flying ships appeared on the horizon. Gorn was shocked to learn that Vandalieu had constructed these ships in a short span of time. It seemed that the previous attacks were merely distractions to catch Gorn off guard.

Gorn contemplated the grim situation. His forces were weaker than before, and the incoming enemy fleet was stronger than ever. The demigods realized that victory was unlikely, and defeat seemed imminent. They debated whether to retreat and focus on defending Peria, risking Botin’s soul being devoured in the process.

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Brateo, one of the demigods, proposed a different approach. He urged Gorn to stand their ground, believing that Alda would send reinforcements. It was better to fight with no hope of victory than to flee without a fight. Gorn and the demigods agreed, ready to face the enemy head-on.

Realizing that battling in the air would be suicidal, Gorn proposed a new strategy. He suggested fighting on a lower battlefield, using one of the pseudo-Divine Realms as a defensive position. Although this would limit their mobility, it would allow them to make use of flightless monsters and Orichalcum Golems. Brateo warned that they would be vulnerable to attacks from above, but Gorn was willing to take the risk.

Vandalieu’s Fleet Faces Unexpected Monster Attacks

The fleet continued its journey towards Botin’s seal, only to be met with unexpected attacks from monsters. The enemies approached from the Devil’s Skies above the continent, descending upon the fleet. However, the fleet swiftly dealt with the smaller monsters using cannon-fire and archers.

Gufadgarn, the commander of the fleet, speculated that the enemy forces might be too exhausted from the previous battle to launch a full assault. To draw them out, Gufadgarn ordered the fleet to continue forward while maintaining a lower altitude. However, the monster attacks escalated when they reached the vicinity of a lake.

Gufadgarn realized that the enemy had used the Devil’s Skies to lure the fleet into lowering its altitude. Monsters, unable to fly, began attacking the fleet in larger numbers. The situation seemed dire, but Gufadgarn remained unfazed. She knew that the goal was not to defeat the enemy but rather to draw them away from Botin’s seal.

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Bakunawa Awakens: Vandalieu’s Secret Weapon

As the battle unfolded, an unexpected ally emerged on Vandalieu’s side. Bakunawa, an Elder Dragon, revealed his true form. With an insatiable appetite and devouring power, Bakunawa turned the tide of the battle. He sucked up monsters and anything that came near him, including lightning attacks and acidic bubbles.

Gorn and his allies adjusted their strategy, focusing their attacks on Bakunawa’s head and limbs. However, Bakunawa’s insatiable hunger and invincible nature proved challenging for Gorn’s demigods. Regardless, Gufadgarn remained confident, understanding that defeating the enemy was not their primary objective.

Vandalieu Works to Remove Botin’s Seal

While the battle unfolded, Vandalieu set out to remove the seal that trapped Botin and her subordinate gods. The seal proved more challenging than expected, as it required the complete destruction of the entire seal created by the Demon King. Vandalieu worked diligently, using clones to speed up the process.

Suddenly, a part of the black wall collapsed, revealing a white mist-like substance. Vandalieu was engulfed by it, disappearing from sight. His clones assured everyone that he was unharmed, but the situation raised concerns. Juliana tried to follow Vandalieu, but she was held back by Kimberley and Princess Levia.

Despite the uncertainty, Vandalieu’s clones continued their task, indicating that he was safe inside the white mist. As the removal of the seal progressed, hope grew that Botin and her subordinate gods would soon be freed.

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