Dark Souls 3: Where to Explore Beyond Firelink Shrine

Video dark souls 3 where to go after firelink

Meet Hawkwood, the Crestfallen Knight

Hawkwood is a melancholic knight who resides in Dark Souls 3. He often voices his discontent, but it’s worth listening to his entire dialogue to unlock the “Collapse” gesture.

Seek Guidance from the Fire Keeper

Fire Keeper
The Fire Keeper has the ability to level up your character. Additionally, she can heal the Dark Sigil, an important aspect of the game.

Discover the Shrine Handmaid’s Treasures

Shrine Handmaid
As Firelink Shrine’s dedicated merchant, the Shrine Handmaid sells consumable items and armor. By offering her Umbral Ash, hidden throughout Dark Souls 3, you can unlock a wider array of items in her inventory.

You can also use your hard-earned souls to purchase a tower key from the Shrine Handmaid. This key grants you access to formerly inaccessible areas of the shrine, including the Tower, which holds valuable items. For a detailed guide, refer to our tower walkthrough.

Seek Forging Expertise from Andre the Blacksmith

Andre is a skilled blacksmith who can upgrade your weapons, shields, and Estus Flask. Gems, Coal, and Estus Shards, scattered throughout Dark Souls 3, are necessary for his services.

Engage in Transposition with Ludleth of Courland

Ludleth of Courland
Ludleth of Courland is the sole NPC who occupies a throne in Firelink Shrine. He specializes in transforming the souls obtained from defeating bosses into weapons, rings, miracles, and pyromancies through the transposition process.

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Explore Greirat of the Undead Settlement’s Wares

Greirat of the Undead Settlement
Greirat is one of the NPCs found in Firelink Shrine, offering a diverse range of items for sale. To unlock his presence in Firelink Shrine, follow our High Wall of Lothric guide to locate and free him. Keep revisiting Greirat, as he occasionally embarks on thieving missions, returning with new items for sale.

Encounter Leonard, the Ringfinger

Leonhard the Ringfinger
At the start of the game, Leonard can be found leaning against the largest throne in Firelink Shrine. Engage in conversation with him, and he’ll gift you five “Cracked Red Eye Orbs,” enabling you to invade other Dark Souls 3 players.

Interact with Eygon of Carim and Free Irina

Eygon of Carim Irina of Carim
Eygon of Carim can be encountered in the Undead Settlement, while Irina begins the game as his prisoner. To unlock Irina’s freedom, purchase the “Grave Key” from the Shrine Handmaid after obtaining the “Mortician’s Ashes.” Refer to our Undead Settlement guide for assistance.

Uncover Yoel of Londor’s Secrets

Yoel of Londor
Yoel of Londor is a pilgrim found beneath the first bonfire in the High Wall of Lothric. Accept his offer, and he’ll appear in Firelink Shrine, providing you with magical powers and offering to level up your character for zero souls. However, this opportunity comes at a cost. With each level obtained, you’ll receive the “Dark Sigil,” an item that gradually transforms you into a decrepit, hollow creature. Yoel can level you up a total of five times before his demise.

Encounter Orbeck of Vinheim for Sorceries

Orbeck of Vinheim
Orbeck of Vinheim, an arrogant character, specializes in selling sorceries. You can locate him in Faron Keep by following our walkthrough.

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