A Heartfelt Tribute to a Beloved Mother

Losing someone dear is never easy. Join Pastor J.D. as he pays tribute to his beloved mother, Carol, and shares the impact she has had on his life and countless others. Get ready for an inspiring journey of faith, love, and eternal hope.

As the somber news spread, the Summit Church community mourned the passing of Carol, the mother of Pastor J.D. Greear. On April 11th, she peacefully left this world, leaving behind a legacy of love, faith, and unwavering devotion. During her celebration of life service on April 15th, Pastor J.D. delivered a heartfelt tribute that touched the hearts of all who attended, and now, we have the privilege of reliving that moment.

A Testament of Love and Care

Amidst the grief that enveloped the Greear family, Pastor J.D. expressed his gratitude for the tremendous outpouring of love and support they received. The Summit Church community rallied around them, demonstrating the love of Christ through their actions. Pastor J.D. acknowledged the privilege of being part of such a caring church, where the Holy Spirit’s work is evident in the compassion its members extend to one another.

Two Emotions Intertwined

During this challenging week, Pastor J.D. experienced a complex mix of emotions. He shared how joy and sadness coexisted within him. On one hand, he found genuine joy in knowing that his mother now basks in the presence of Jesus. Her unwavering love for Jesus and anticipation of eternity were ever-present throughout her life. The thought that she could celebrate Easter in the presence of Jesus brought great joy to Pastor J.D.’s heart. He humorously mentioned that although everyone at The Summit Church would gather at the amphitheater for Easter, his mother undoubtedly had the best seat in the house.

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On the other hand, Pastor J.D. openly expressed the deep sadness he felt, describing it as a hollow, gnawing emotion. A mother’s love holds a unique place in one’s heart, and Carol’s love for her children was evident from the very beginning. Her love served as a constant reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Even contemporary Christian music, which she wasn’t particularly fond of, became a powerful reminder of how she embodied the evidence of God’s goodness in Pastor J.D.’s life. With a touch of humor, he fondly remembered teasing his mother about the noise level in heaven, convinced that the organ would feature prominently according to her preferences.

The Privilege of a Godly Mother

Carol’s journey of faith began shortly before Pastor J.D.’s birth, and he considers himself incredibly fortunate to have grown up under the care of a brand new Christian. Her childlike wonder and excitement about Jesus left an indelible mark on his own faith. The immense blessing of having a godly mother cannot be overstated.

Throughout his life, Carol was a steadfast source of support, always cheering him on and believing in his potential. Her unwavering trust in him laid the foundation for his growth and shaped him into the man she always knew he would become.

Additionally, Carol possessed a remarkable connection with the Holy Spirit. She had an uncanny ability to discern when someone needed prayer, even waking up in the middle of the night to intercede for them. Whether she knew the specifics or not, her obedience to pray had a supernatural impact on the lives of those around her.

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A Life Lived in Humility and Servanthood

Carol’s humility and selflessness were evident in the way she lived her life. Despite her numerous talents and achievements, she devoted herself to serving others in obscurity. She cared for single mothers in crisis, ministered to the elderly in their church, and mentored countless young men and women for ministry. Her obedience to Jesus shone through the smallest of tasks and reflected the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.

Pastor J.D. highlighted the impact his mother had on the lives of those around her. Many considered her a second mother or a mother in ministry. Her home became a sanctuary, where people found refuge and love at any hour. Countless individuals credit her with inspiring them to pursue a life of ministry. Yet, despite all these accolades, Carol remained blissfully unaware of her own virtues. She saw the goodness in others while failing to recognize how uniquely anointed she was.

A Legacy of Faithfulness

Pastor J.D. emphasized that everything he had received from his mother constituted a legacy of gospel faithfulness. Her unwavering commitment to Jesus reverberates through him, his children, and the countless lives she touched. The impact of her faithfulness will resound for all eternity, and those who witness the lives she influenced will acknowledge the blessings that have been bestowed upon them.

The Bible, marriage, and the love for the local church were some of the invaluable lessons Carol imparted to her son. She instilled in him a deep love for Scripture, teaching him to trust in God’s Word. Her marriage to Pastor J.D.’s father exemplified faithfulness and selflessness, providing a profound understanding of what a godly union looks like. Lastly, her passion for the local church, which permeated their lives, left an indelible mark on Pastor J.D.’s heart and ultimately led him to become a preacher.

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A Tearful Farewell

As Pastor J.D. reflected on his mother’s final moments, he recounted a tender scene that brought him comfort and hope. With tears streaming down his face, he described witnessing the culmination of a lifetime of devotion between his parents. In those sacred moments, he understood the profound impact of their 52 years of marital faithfulness and how it reflected the gospel in their lives.

In her final breaths, a small tear welled up in Carol’s eye. Pastor J.D.’s father gently wiped it away with a Kleenex. It was a poignant reminder that the next hand to touch her face would be the nail-scarred hand of Jesus, wiping away her last tear. The words of the hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul,” resounded in his heart as he envisioned the day when his faith would become sight.

A Reunion on the Horizon

Though the void left in their lives is immeasurable, Pastor J.D. assured their loved ones that this separation is temporary. Carol’s legacy lives on, and the comfort of knowing they will soon be reunited brings immense solace. As Resurrection Sunday approaches, Pastor J.D. bids farewell to his mother, knowing that they will see each other again in the presence of Jesus.

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