Can You Revoke a Bail Bond?

If you receive a call from a loved one who has been arrested, you naturally want to help them. However, paying bail can be a financial burden. That’s where bail bond agencies come in. They act quickly to secure the release of the individual. But what if you’ve already secured a bail bond and now want to revoke it? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why someone might want to revoke a bail bond, how to do it, and whether an indemnitor can revoke a bail bond.

Why Would You Want to Revoke a Bail Bond?

Taking on the financial responsibility of a bail bond can be a significant burden. While helping others may seem right at first, you may later question your decision. Here are some scenarios where you might consider revoking a bail bond:

  1. Concerns about the defendant: If you worry the defendant may re-offend or miss court dates, revoking the bail bond can protect you.
  2. Change in relationship: Discovering more information about the charges or experiencing a falling out with the defendant may make you reconsider your support.
  3. Financial pressures: Struggling financially can contribute to stress and anxiety, making it tempting to revoke the bail bond.

How to Revoke a Bail Bond

If you decide to revoke a bail bond, there are steps to follow. In California, if you’re a co-signer, contact the bail bond agency and explain the situation. Liaise with the agency and ensure the courts are informed for the decision to be official.

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If you’re on good terms with the defendant and they can post bail themselves, cooperation is key. However, if there are concerns about the defendant’s behavior, contact the agency to inform them of your decision. The company will then contact the courts, and the defendant will be arrested. If the defendant can’t be found, you may be liable for the cost of tracking them down before revoking the bail bond.

Can an Indemnitor Revoke a Bail Bond?

Yes, an indemnitor can revoke a bail bond. If you’ve posted bail on behalf of someone, you have the right to revoke the bond. Simply inform the bail bond agency, and ensure the courts are aware. Once the bail bond is revoked, the defendant will be returned to custody unless they find another co-signer or post bail themselves.

Can Authorities Revoke Bail Bonds?

Typically, it is the indemnitors who revoke bail bonds. However, authorities, including the courts, can also revoke a bail bond. This may happen if the defendant is difficult to locate, breaks the terms of the agreement, or poses a high flight risk.

How Can an Indemnitor Protect Themselves?

Co-signing a bail bond carries risks. To protect yourself, consider the following steps:

  1. Ask for a repayment plan: Request that the defendant sets up a plan to repay you.
  2. Limit the defendant’s location: Ask the defendant to stay within the state of California.
  3. Encourage support and meetings: Request that the defendant attends meetings or seeks help to address any underlying issues that may increase the risk of re-offending.


Helping a loved one in need is understandable, but co-signing a bail bond should not be taken lightly. If circumstances change, or you have concerns about the defendant’s behavior, you can revoke a bail bond. Contact the bail bond agency and inform them of your decision. For questions or advice about bail bonds in California, reach out to the friendly and experienced bail bond agents at 5 WS.

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