Jax Taylor’s Weight Loss Journey: From Model to Reality Star

How Brittany Cartwright Helped Jax Taylor Overcome Body Image Issues

Jax Taylor, the reality star from Vanderpump Rules, owes a debt of gratitude to internet trolls. In 2017, while watching a TV episode with his then-girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, Taylor was shocked by comments about his weight on social media. Determined to make a change, he embarked on a physical and mental transformation. Let’s dive deeper into Taylor’s journey and the role Cartwright played in his success.

A Painful Wake-Up Call

During his modeling days, Taylor maintained a fit physique, weighing around 175 pounds. However, years later, he found himself at his heaviest weight of 235 pounds. The Twitter comments about his weight became a turning point for him. Taylor questioned why his friends and even Cartwright hadn’t alerted him to his changing appearance. Motivated to reclaim his former self, he knew something had to change.

The Modeling Years

Taylor’s journey into the world of modeling began unexpectedly during a trip to the grocery store with his mother in Michigan. A modeling scout recognized his potential, and Taylor eventually landed a gig with Ford Models. Walking the runways in Miami and Milan, Taylor faced pressure to conform to a thinner, more editorial look. His naturally athletic build didn’t fit the industry’s demands. Rejections from designers like Dolce and Gabbana took a toll on his self-esteem.

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The Dark Side of the Modeling Industry

Living the model’s life came with its own set of challenges. Taylor witnessed fellow models resorting to extreme measures to maintain their weight, including eating cotton balls to stave off hunger. These experiences had a profound impact on him, forcing him to question his career choices and the toll they were taking on his physical and mental well-being.

The Turning Point

After a decade of modeling, Taylor decided to leave the industry behind. Disillusioned and financially drained, he made the move to California and found himself working at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR. Vanderpump offered Taylor the chance to be part of her new reality show, Vanderpump Rules. The newfound fame, combined with a party-centric lifestyle, caused Taylor to neglect his physical health.

Weight Gain and Personal Loss

As the years passed, Taylor’s weight continued to climb. He gained a total of 60 pounds in just four years. The pressures of the show, combined with infidelity and the devastating loss of his father to esophageal cancer, led him down a dangerous path. He contemplated turning to drugs but was saved by Cartwright’s intervention.

Brittany Cartwright: A Lifesaver

Cartwright, understanding the depths of Taylor’s despair, proposed an unconventional solution. She suggested he obtain a medical marijuana card to manage stress and help him relax. Skeptical at first, Taylor eventually gave it a try and experienced life-changing results. Determined to turn his life around, he committed to hitting the gym and making healthier choices.

The Power of Exercise and Marijuana

Taylor discovered the LIT Method, an LA-based gym that combines low-impact training with high-intensity workouts. He complemented his workouts with weightlifting sessions at Crunch Gym. Taylor now exercises twice a day for up to five days a week, often using marijuana beforehand to enhance his focus and enjoyment during the workouts.

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A Healthier Lifestyle

Taylor revamped his diet, replacing junk food deliveries with nutritious meals like turkey club sandwiches, chicken, steak, and potatoes. After a year of dedication, he has shed an impressive 42 pounds, bringing his weight down to 193. Not only has he transformed his physical health, but his mental well-being has also improved. Taylor and Cartwright now attend premarital counseling together, preparing for their upcoming wedding and future together.

A New Chapter

Taylor is proud of the progress he’s made and excited for the next phase of his life. He plans to be a devoted father, involved in every aspect of his future children’s lives. With his modeling days behind him, Taylor aims to focus on building businesses and pursuing his dreams alongside Cartwright.

Jax Taylor’s transformation serves as a reminder that with the right support and mindset, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. If you want to learn more about Jax Taylor and his journey, visit 5 WS for additional information.

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