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Have you ever been so invested in an anime that the suspense of waiting for the next episode becomes unbearable? If so, then you’ll understand the struggle I’m currently facing with the anime ‘Rokka no Yuusha’. The cliffhangers in this show are driving me crazy! Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to read the light novel, so I found a website that provides summaries of each volume in Japanese and decided to translate them for you. Buckle up, because there are some major spoilers ahead!

Volume 1: Uncovering the Fake

Let’s start with a bombshell revelation – the 7th brave is not actually the Princess! Nachetanya, the fake brave, has a secret agenda. She wants to create a world where humans and fiends can coexist peacefully. In order to achieve this, she is trying to prevent the other 6 braves from killing the fiends. However, she is not the final 7th brave. The plot thickens!

The braves discover that the barrier can be activated by dripping blood on it and then smashing the stone tablet. Adlet’s blood accidentally got on the tablet earlier, which explains why he was the first to enter the temple. The fog that persists due to the barrier is actually a clever trick created with the manipulation of time.

Nachetanya reveals her plan to the other braves, explaining that she believes 500,000 sacrifices are necessary to bring peace between humans and fiends. The braves, except for Goldov, oppose her plan and a battle ensues. Nachetanya retaliates using fiend attacks and disappears, leaving Adlet wounded and his companions in pursuit.

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When Adlet regains consciousness, he learns that Nachetanya has escaped. But, a new girl bearing the mark of the Braves appears. She is Coconia Manchetta, the Saint of Blood, and she was once under the tutelage of Adlet’s master, Atro Spiker. How does this new development change everything?

Volume 2: Unveiling Betrayal

Adlet frantically climbs a cliff, desperately searching for his fellow braves. He discovers that one of the petals on his own mark is missing, indicating that one of the real braves has been killed. As he reaches the top of the cliff, he is met with a horrifying sight – the lifeless body of Hans, with his throat slit.

Maura appears, revealing herself as the 7th brave. She confesses that she didn’t want to betray her comrades but had no choice. Her daughter was taken hostage by Tegnyuu, the leader of the fiends, and the only way to save her was to kill one of the braves. Maura made a contract with Tegnyuu, which involved promises of life and death.

As the truth unfolds, it is revealed that Tegnyuu is not who he seems. He can change his form and control powerful fiends. Maura’s plan was to sacrifice one brave in a fake death, and then use the Saint of Blood to revive them once her daughter was released. But Tegnyuu’s true intentions remain hidden.

Volume 3: Desperate Struggles

The braves continue their journey into the land of the Howling Demons. Goldof suddenly runs off, intending to save the Princess. Confusion ensues as Nachetanya, the fake brave, appears and combat ensues. Chamot falls into Nachetanya’s trap and is severely injured. With limited time remaining before the resurrection of the demon god, the braves must find a way to save Chamot and take down Nachetanya.

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Doz, one of the fiend lords, reveals vital information about the three lords and their promises. MarmAnna, the Saint of Words, was entrusted with overseeing their exchange of promises. Doz attempts to form an alliance with the braves to defeat Kaguik and Tegnyuu, but it remains unclear if they can trust him.

Volume 4: Unraveling Secrets

As the braves search for answers, they encounter zombies created by Tegnyuu. Amongst them are people from Adlet’s hometown, including his best friend Reiner, who was killed but retained some consciousness. It is revealed that the Kuro no Adabana, the fake brave, is a saint tool in the form of a human.

Doz shares his knowledge of the past and the revelation that Hayuha Pressio, the Saint of Time, was searching for the truth behind the demon god. The braves uncover the secrets of the temple of Destiny and the origins of the Kuro no Adabana. However, there are still many unanswered questions.

Volume 5: Betrayal and Redemption

A shocking revelation shakes the group as it is discovered that Flamie is the true Kuro no Adabana. She had pretended to betray the braves in order to undo the mark that connected her to Tegnyuu. Emotions run high as the truth unfolds, causing tension between the braves. Adlet is forced to make a difficult choice that could change everything.

Volume 6: The Final Showdown

Adlet embarks on a dangerous mission to lure the main forces of fiends away from the rest of the braves. During this perilous journey, he hears the voice of the original saint lurking within his mark. Tegnyuu takes advantage of this, manipulating Adlet’s emotions and causing him to doubt his allies.

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As the battle rages on, everything comes to a head. Adlet confronts Tegnyuu and learns the truth about his past and the role he played in the events that led to the current situation. Flamie, Roronia, and Nachetanya stand by his side, ready to face the ultimate challenge.

Conclusion and Future Volumes

The journey of the braves is far from over. Volume 7 is set to release soon, promising even more intense battles and shocking revelations. Will Adlet and his companions uncover the entire truth behind the Kuro no Adabana? Only time will tell.

So, there you have it – a summary of the thrilling events in ‘Rokka no Yuusha’. The anime might have left you hanging, but with these translated light novel summaries, you can satisfy your curiosity. Keep an eye out for the release of Volume 7 and prepare for more twists and turns in this captivating tale. To read more about the 5 WS, visit Happy reading!

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