A Tale of a Protective Big Brother

Siblings often find themselves at odds during their upbringing, fighting over trivial matters that are quickly forgotten. However, there are instances when a brother or sister becomes your unwavering ally, sometimes even within the confines of your own home.

In a heartwarming video shared by their mother, a young girl came to the defense of her big brother, highlighting that there are better ways to address a child’s behavior.

A Stand Against “Whooping”

At some point, most children find themselves in trouble at school. Each parent handles these situations differently. For Jacion, a young boy, his mother Moe was about to administer his first-ever “whooping.” Moe captured the reactions of Jacion and his sister, sharing the video on the popular app TikTok.

“My son got into trouble at school 3 times this week, and I told him I would give him his first whooping,” she wrote as text overlay on the video.

Jacion seemed to have just returned home from school, still clutching his backpack. Standing beside him was his sister, firmly holding onto him. Moe called Jacion over, and his sister vociferously objected, repeatedly saying “no.” It was evident that she did not want to witness her big brother being punished.

“Come here. Put your book bag down,” demanded Moe. “Take that jacket off.”

Jacion’s sister continued to plead with their mother, desperately trying to prevent her big brother from facing the consequences. In a rather amusing turn of events, the little girl even warned her mother of the potential repercussions.

“You’re gonna go to jail,” she exclaimed. Unsurprisingly, Jacion echoed her sentiment. After all, what child wants to endure punishment from their parent? “Yeah, she’s gonna go to jail,” he remarked.

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Moe remained unfazed, continuing to record the interaction. In a final attempt to sway her mother, Jacion’s sister placed her arm around him and cast a sweet gaze towards Moe. “Let my brother off the hook,” she implored.

The video ended before we could discover whether she succeeded in saving her big brother from punishment. However, Moe later shared a follow-up video, revealing the reason why she felt compelled to discipline Jacion.

Insights from the Teacher

In a text message sent to Moe by Jacion’s teacher, Kierra, via the primary school communication platform ClassDojo, the teacher detailed Jacion’s misbehavior.

“He was not listening or following directions,” she wrote. “He has a tendency to hit people, including me. Please talk to him about refraining from such behavior.”

Additionally, Jacion had been using inappropriate language at school, and he had been giving away his food to other students instead of completing his assigned schoolwork. Kierra labeled him as a “major distraction to the class” and noted that he had experienced a challenging day.

While many viewers found the video amusing, the question arises: Is physically punishing children an effective means of teaching discipline? According to experts, the answer is a resounding “no.” In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy in 2018 stating that corporal punishment is ineffective and can lead to negative behavioral outcomes in the future.

Instead, experts suggest employing healthier approaches to teach children important lessons, such as positive reinforcement, setting boundaries, redirecting behavior, and establishing clear expectations. Every parent faces challenges when it comes to discipline, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Nonetheless, there are numerous alternatives to physical punishment.

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