A Generation of Advocates: Protecting the Unheard

Video a person's a person no matter how small

In Dr. Seuss’ timeless tale, “Horton Hears a Who!”, a simple line stands out: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” While it may sound like a pro-life slogan, the story goes deeper than that. It tells the story of Horton, an elephant who stumbles upon a tiny planet inhabited by people in desperate need of protection. Despite the shouts of the tiny inhabitants, no one else in the jungle can hear them. Horton becomes their advocate, facing ridicule and opposition from his fellow animals.

Dr. Seuss never intended for his book to be related to abortion, but it’s fascinating how it perfectly captures the essence of the modern pro-life movement. In the story, Horton realizes that he, as a bigger being, has the responsibility to protect those who are smaller than him. He pleads for their right to live, stating that they are just as deserving as anyone else.

While the number of anti-abortion advocates has been increasing in recent years, and the pro-choice movement is strong and well-funded, many Americans have chosen to avoid the issue altogether. However, recent events have forced the issue into the spotlight. It started with the notorious case of Gosnell, a doctor who violated the law and shocked the nation with the brutality of his practices. The collective shock continued with the release of undercover videos, exposing the callousness of some abortion providers and the commodification of unborn children.

Now, thanks to the efforts of David Daleidin, social media has brought the reality of abortion to the forefront. Crushing abdomens, evacuating skulls, organ menus – these are the gruesome details that can no longer be hidden. The debate over the legality of abortion is being overshadowed by the undeniable truth: tiny lives are being extinguished and sold for parts.

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The resemblance between “Horton Hears a Who!” and the fight against abortion is uncanny. While Dr. Seuss couldn’t have foreseen this struggle, he did write his book during a time when various marginalized groups were fighting to be heard and recognized. Today, the struggle continues, as it becomes increasingly difficult to deny the humanity of the unborn child. The reality is undeniable: there is a whole group of people being denied their rights simply because they cannot speak for themselves.

But, in the face of this, a rising generation is standing up. Advocates, renegades, and rebels, like Horton, refuse to turn a blind eye to the truth. They are willing to challenge the status quo and disrupt the peaceable jungle that has become accustomed to silence.

In conclusion, Dr. Seuss’ words may have been written with a different intention, but they have taken on a new meaning in the fight against abortion. The cries of the unborn may be small, but they deserve to be heard. They are people, no matter how small. And it is up to us, like Horton, to protect and fight for their right to life.

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