16 Families Who Took On Game Shows

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Television game shows have been a source of entertainment for decades, captivating audiences with their high stakes and thrilling competitions. From classic shows like The Price Is Right to more modern favorites like Jeopardy!, game shows have become a staple of television programming. While many contestants are ordinary people looking for their 15 minutes of fame, there have been some memorable game show appearances by well-known fictional characters. Here are 16 families from popular TV shows who took on the challenge of game show glory.

1. The Odd Couple – Password

In a crossover episode with The Odd Couple, slob Oscar Madison and his roommate Felix Unger find themselves on the beloved game show Password. Despite Felix’s obsession with the show, their partnership is far from perfect. Hilarity ensues as they struggle to guess the correct passwords, but their friendship remains intact.

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2. Ralph and Alice Kramden – Beat The Clock

With their comedic banter, Ralph and Alice Kramden from The Jackie Gleason Show find themselves as contestants on Beat The Clock. Despite some mishaps along the way, including a face full of whipped cream, they manage to win a new TV set and baby buggies for Alice’s sister.

3. Fred Sanford – The Gong Show

Fred Sanford, the crotchety junkman from Sanford And Son, auditions for The Gong Show after witnessing a less-than-stellar performance. With his brother-in-law Rodney and son Lamont by his side, they form the group “Sanford And Son And Rodney” and take the stage by storm.

4. Lenny and Squiggy – The Dating Game

Lenny and Squiggy, the greaser pals from Laverne & Shirley, are unexpectedly chosen as contestants on The Dating Game. While Lenny struggles to make an impression, Squiggy wins over the bachelorette with his hilariously quirky answers.

5. Mike, Rik, Vyvyan, and Neil – University Challenge

The motley crew of housemates from The Young Ones finds themselves competing on the prestigious University Challenge. Despite their unconventional approach, they manage to outwit their rivals and secure victory in true Young Ones fashion.

6. Murdock – Wheel Of Fortune

In a surprising turn of events, Murdock from The A-Team becomes a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune. As he spins the wheel and solves puzzles, the audience is left questioning how a wanted criminal managed to make it onto a high-profile game show.

7. Randy Marsh – Wheel Of Fortune

Randy Marsh, a proud resident of South Park, Colorado, gets his chance to shine on Wheel Of Fortune. However, his appearance takes an unexpected turn when he misinterprets one of the puzzle answers, leading to a memorable and controversial moment.

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8. Cliff Clavin – Jeopardy!

The know-it-all mailman Cliff Clavin from Cheers finally gets his shot at Jeopardy! With his vast knowledge of obscure facts, he dominates the game until a final question trips him up. Despite his blunder, Cliff’s appearance leaves a lasting impact on both the audience and host Alex Trebek.

9. Marge Simpson – Jeopardy!

When the Simpson family finds themselves in a financial bind, Marge decides to compete on Jeopardy! in hopes of winning enough money to pay off their debts. Unfortunately, she ends up owing even more, leading to a comical encounter with host Alex Trebek.

10. Eric Matthews – Singled Out

Bored and looking for excitement, Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World applies to be a contestant on the MTV dating show Singled Out. Despite embellishing his application, his appearance leads to unexpected consequences and a disappointing outcome.

11. Paul Lassiter – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

When Paul Lassiter, press secretary to the mayor of New York City, lands a spot on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, no one expects him to make it far. However, with some luck and guessing, Paul surprises everyone by taking home the grand prize.

12. Joey Tribbiani – Pyramid

Joey Tribbiani from Friends gets his chance to shine on the game show Pyramid. With his charming personality and comedic timing, he manages to make it to the winner’s circle, but not without some hilarious missteps along the way.

13. Arthur Spooner – The $10,000 Pyramid

Jerry Stiller’s character, Arthur Spooner, from The King Of Queens, recalls his own appearance on The $10,000 Pyramid. Determined to get the prize he was promised, Arthur goes to great lengths to make sure he gets what he’s due.

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14. Rose Tyler – The Weakest Link

Rose Tyler from Doctor Who finds herself as a contestant on the futuristic game show The Weakest Link. With the threat of disintegration looming, Rose must rely on her quick thinking to survive the intense competition.

15. Barney Stinson – The Price Is Right

Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother fulfills his lifelong dream of appearing on The Price Is Right. With his extensive knowledge of retail prices and a burning desire to impress his alleged father, he navigates the game show with both humor and skill.

16. The Griffins – Family Feud

The Griffin family from Family Guy competes on Family Feud, where their dysfunctional dynamics shine through. From Peter’s unconventional answers to Stewie’s dark humor, their appearance leaves host Richard Dawson both amused and bewildered.

These memorable appearances by fictional families on game shows have provided countless moments of laughter and entertainment for audiences. Whether they win or lose, these characters bring their unique personalities and comedic charm to the game show stage, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

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